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  • Ball of Fire

    Ball of Fire


    My first Stanwyck! I get it, she’s a pistol. Owns every room she’s in and doesn’t care whether you notice or not. It was joy watching her slowly get won over by the gaggle of weirdo professors who were essentially instantly smitten with her. All expect for Cooper, of course, whose stick-in-the-mud persona works particularly well here. It’s also a gas watching Cooper’s Potts try to parse what the hell everyone is saying when he ventures out into the world…

  • We'll Never Have Paris

    We'll Never Have Paris


    It’s a shame that other nerdy neurotic men can’t make films about love and dating women out of their league in New York City and not be immediately compared to Woody Allen films, but here we are. Simon Helberg, who so rarely gets more than a sidekick comic relief role, puts himself front and center in this romcom he wrote and co-directed/produced with wife Jocelyn Towne. It very much has the feel of someone calling up his friends and asking…

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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    As both a recovering alcoholic (4 years, just like him) and a hearing person who has felt the tendrils of tinnitus burrow ever deeper into my head over the extended quietude of these pandemic months, this piece hit me hard. Ruben has already transitioned his life in a hugely difficult and meaningful way and to have another change blindside him in his carefully constructed little world feels like an affront to all that earned just reward. But just because we…

  • The Human Stain

    The Human Stain


    Today I made the decision to look at my All Time stats for release year and try to fill in a dip from my watchlist. For some reason 2003 is decidedly low and looking at my options at least partially explained why. Not a lot in general, and not a lot that grabbed me. This one benefited from an intriguing title and a promising cast list, topped by Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman. Other than that, I went in totally…