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  • Eggshells



    Half insufferable, half gloriously singular, unironic hippie bullshit collapses into nightmarish abstraction. Not my favorite bit but an indicative moment is a goofy "trippy" sex scene with that kinda wavy optical effect and vaguely orientalist strings on the ost starts unraveling and distending into inhumanly sparse flashes of colored light that were maybe human bodies in motion at one point, the score folding in on itself until it sounds like a big loud nothing. The documentary-style scenes keep coming back…

  • Parasite



    I think that one pan of the movie that circulated pretty widely on the tl a few weeks back was spot on but like I had a good time at this one and watching an entertaining new thriller by someone who clearly wants the audience to eat the rich was refreshing, to me. Hold this up next to "Sorry to Bother You" and I know which one i'd watch again willingly. The ending of Parasite is the most simultaneously cathartic…

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  • Spontaneous Combustion

    Spontaneous Combustion


    Heroically incoherent Scanners derivative realized as emotional nightmare feul. The loss of control and fracturing of identity into blind rage as history and memory crumble in the face of crass manipulation and elaborately orchestrated cruelty, carried out in the name of making a child grow up to be special. Some of the most viscerally upsetting stuff you could put in a movie, to me at least, thank god the visual effects were so hacky or it would have been unbearablely…

  • Gamer



    Remember when the go-to critique for action movies in the '00s was that they looked like first person shooters? Now there are billion dollar movies valorizing drone pilots, and the same critics call those movies "lighthearted." Anyway, this here is a movie that takes that critique as literally as possible and evokes excitement from the disgust of this idea's logical conclusion. Feverish, erratic, lovely, bleak. A self-loathing genre film will always be the best kind.

    That said I'm docking this…