Parasite ★★★★

I think that one pan of the movie that circulated pretty widely on the tl a few weeks back was spot on but like I had a good time at this one and watching an entertaining new thriller by someone who clearly wants the audience to eat the rich was refreshing, to me. Hold this up next to "Sorry to Bother You" and I know which one i'd watch again willingly. The ending of Parasite is the most simultaneously cathartic and bleak in a while, the kind of thing that exhilarates while in the theater then starts to be the most depressing thing ever the minute you leave. Made me want to rewatch snowpiercer which in and of itself is an impressive feat cuz I hated snowpiercer.

But like if Day of the Dead came out in the tens instead of the eighties this film would be toast. Hell, Knightriders has more to say about working class outsiders imho

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