It ★★

I was very disappointed in this film. The kids were great, but their motivations were muddied and some were completely made up. Some parts of the movie genuinely made me feel upset. Like Beverly’s scenes with her dad, and Ben’s scenes when he is bullied. I wish they wouldn’t have cut Ben’s scenes down. In the book it feels like they almost kill him. They certainly didn’t hold back on any of Beverly’s scenes, which was great. For her character. But what about the rest of the boys? Also, the jump scares are bullshit. What a waste of Bill Skarsgård’s character development if they just have him pop out at the audience and insert a loud track over it. Boo. 

   I understand that they might not have wanted to go directly from the book. But if you’re gonna do a Stephen King flick, at least make it eerie without the jump scares. They did a great job on the atmosphere. The added crap could have been left out and more scenes in the movie could have been explained more in depth. 

    Yikes is this harsh?