Sardar Udham

Sardar Udham ★★★★

"I'm not equal, I'm not free. When my country is free, then I shall March as an equal, for equality." - Udham 

Martyr or Terrorist? Sardar Udham sets the record straight about a revolutionary, who infiltrates Britain to fight imperialism from within, in an attempt liberate India. Utilising a non-linear timeline, the film makes frequent references to and sets up a bloodbath scene that I thought was never going to be shown on screen, but oh boy was I wrong. A strikingly resonating story, that spotlights Britain’s superiority complex, even going as far as showing how indigenous soldiers are made to turn against their own people. Spectacular production design and realism of the time period. To hell with all forms of oppression. 

Best of 2021

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