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  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    In Bruges is a masterpiece featuring some brilliantly dark comedy and stellar performances from Colin Farell, Brendan Gleeson, and Ralph Fiennes alike.

    Now included in the special edition are:
    1. Ralph Fiennes' dictionary of insults.
    2. Swans.
    3. Some smooth Classic FM.
    4. Ralph Fiennes' dictionary of insults: the extended edition.
    5. The blood of Christ.
    6. The 3rd edition of Ralph Fiennes' dictionary of insults.
    7. A racist dwarf.

  • Antichrist



    Antichrist is a decent film, but one with a lot of problems.
    It also seems to be the kind of film that most people either love or utterly despise.
    And while I'm pretty certain I fall into the latter category, I do want to mention the aspects of the film that are surprisingly good before I get to my criticisms.

    The imagery is stellar.
    I really enjoyed the visuals. There are some beautifully haunting scenes in this film, and they…

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  • Mary Poppins Returns

    Mary Poppins Returns


    Mary Poppins Returns preaches creativity and originality, but utterly fails in following the golden rule: practise what you preach.
    It's genuinely heartbreaking to see such an authentic and beloved classic robbed of its dignity by this hulking, Frankenstein's monster of a movie.

    Not only is it a shameless (and heartless) cash-grab, it also manages to be beyond predictable, trite, and bland, with production value lower than even the worst of Disney's recent films. Every location in the film, without exception,…

  • Four Lions

    Four Lions


    Four Lions is an underappreciated gem, and a perfectly balanced black comedy.
    It's a real shame that seems to have flown under the radar of most viewers, since it's not often that such well-constructed dark comedy will come along. Of course, there are a few issues with pacing and some of the comedy gets a bit repetitive, but it's an all-around solid film.

    There are so many interesting facets of the film to mention, too!
    I could talk about how…

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  • Happiness



    Steve Cutts is like that one kid in 2nd grade who learned what a metaphor was before the rest of the class and wouldn't shut up about it.

  • Happy Gilmore

    Happy Gilmore


    With very few exceptions, Adam Sandler does not make good movies.
    And sadly, in that regard, Happy Gilmore is no different than the rest of his filmography. But no matter the quality of the movie, it's undeniable how charming and authentic the movie feels; which are qualities that are noticeably absent in a majority of his other films.
    And that, I believe, is at the heart of this story.

    In a weird way, the movie itself mirrors Happy. It can…