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  • Signs



    Shyamalan’s post-9/11 trilogy (signs-village-happening) are interesting documents of where American society was emotionally during in the aftermath of the attacks. The Village is the most reactionary of the three, condemning the warping of a tragedy into a tool that would increase the stranglehold our elders had over our nation, making us increasingly fascist and insular. The Happening, meanwhile, presents society paranoid and fractured by years of government distrust, worn down by failure after failure by authority to solve any issues…

  • Broken Embraces

    Broken Embraces


    Volver and Bad Education marked a turning point in Almodovar’s career; rather than split his directorial efforts between works that played games with his audience and works that were overwhelmingly sincere, he decided to make movies that were both in equal measure. The thriller aspects of both were essential to slowly peeling back the layers of the characters and revealing an emotional core at the center of the genre elements that defied traditional audiences’ desires for suspense and punishment of…

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