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  • Game Night

    Game Night


    Jesse Plemons could be cast as the lead in a Rebecca Black holiday biopic -- to be called "Black Friday", I rest my case -- and he'd still do no wrong.

    Winnie tha Bish saying "glass tables are acting weird tonight" was all that I needed out of 'Game Night'.

  • BlacKkKlansman



    Umm. Er.. y’all ever heard the word poignant, because uhh. I don’t know exactly but I’d use it here.

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  • Searching



    It is September 18, the year is 2018: I was mostly here nor there, but pleasantly surprised.

    EDIT: It is September 18, the year is 2048: Ooofda, this has aged strangely. Can you guys believe we lived in a time when social media WASN'T just implanted in our brains at birth?!

  • White Boy Rick

    White Boy Rick


    This left a little to be desired, and I’m going to call it a case of scatterbrained-ness. I needed one focal point in ‘White Boy Rick’ but what I got was a baker’s dozen unfinished plots and a sad-ass ending.

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  • Moonlight



    With this rewatch, I found myself appreciating the way that Kevin’s coverage was shot. The camera work on him is much different than everyone else’s because he embodies so much of what Chiron refuses to embrace. Kevin cannot be real. It’s impossible. If he is real then he is a living example of what Chiron couldn’t achieve: emotional freedom. As a result Kevin is shot with disbelief and dreaminess.

    I can see some faults in this flick that I didn’t…

  • Her



    Maybe the most dismally enticing part about the world-building throughout ‘Her’, is the way this society is nearly unrecognizable, but mankind at an emotional level has hardly moved an inch. Somehow this culture is capable of building AI that’s (in every practical sense) indistinguishable from a humankind, yet still find itself stuck in the same toxic relationship cycles.