Blade Runner ★★★★

The first time I watched this, I most definitely didn't have enough respect for the material. I remember it being late at night, I was dozing in and out of slumber, and when the credits rolled I was pretty confused as to what all the hype was about.

In preparation for the recent sequel, I rewatched the legendary 1982 original and I received it so much better than the first time.

The way Ridley Scott plays with the themes of this film is utterly fascinating. The idea of what it means to be human is the common denominator here, but 'Blade Runner' asks a whole lot of questions of the viewer that are difficult to answer.

Ridley Scott's film noir filmmaking is used perfectly to build a claustrophobic and undesirable world. Everything in this universe is so irrefutably a byproduct of the universe itself. It's all cohesive and wonderfully interwoven.

Harrison's performance was important, especially in the scheme of his career. This film worked for him and highlighted a time when he was THE face you wanted on your poster.

Can't wait to watch this film again. What a fascinating bit of sci-fi.