Creep 2 ★★★★

Mark Duplass is a man on a mission to create some of the quirkiest spaces in film. His projects tend to be ever-so-slightly off the beaten path, while still entirely grounded in reality. His dialogue is captivating both in and out of improvisation, which is a line that is quite finely drawn with Duplass. Most things he slaps his name on are worth my watching, and 'Creep 2' is no exception.

This moderately anticipated sequel remains in the realm of found-footage, and if you asked me, does a respectable job of keeping the genre alive. One would think a couple decade's worth of this home-video-esque form of filmmaking would lose its luster, but with people like director Patrick Brice taking helming projects like this, it's tough not to cross your fingers for another installment. The downside of this corner of film, is the relatively low ceiling for cinematographic diversity. That is to say, everything looks like a handheld camera and there are VERY few surprises in the way of mood-setting, coloration, and camera work.

Performance-wise, Mark is surprisingly stunning considering how little this film asks of him. While being an unpredictable, manic, and overly-eccentric, his character (Aaron) is downright likable despite the odds being stacked against him. Marks performance was as unnerving as it was mesmerizing, and just as complex as it was straight-forward. When you consider the percentage of lines Mark is known to improvise, this film gets even better as each and every word out of his mouth fits his character, his character's arc, and the entirety of the film. Overall, a very respectable and fun to watch performance by Duplass.

As many horror flicks are known to do, 'Creep 2' comes up a little short insofar as using its themes to send a message. If there was a message to be had here, it's effectively to steer clear of Craigslist ads. Or, just a thought, maybe pay attention to every red flag you're given and just steer clear of the murderer. BUT that wouldn't make this film, so I'll take it.

This was a fun Halloween watch amongst friends, and an increasingly confounding character study. I hope one day to see Mark get some more credit for his acting chops and maybe a stab or two at a big motion picture role, because audiences will continue to love the man's output.