The Two Popes

The Two Popes ★★★½

Expectation: a Catholicism apologist feature that’ll be SWAMPED in religious jargon and with nowhere near satisfactory criticism.

Reality: a well-rehearsed two-man tango with delicate language that nearly unpacks the ever-complex relationship between the politics and the socioeconomic application of the most overgrown and antiquated religious framework possibly in the history of mankind.

The truth is, the Catholic Church wasn’t built with the future of its people in mind, lol. It’s a miracle (pun-intended) that it’s been able to keep up even this long, much less be a centerpiece of conversation across the world. This institution has misstepped for centuries and still kept an enormous body of people devoutly attached to its preachings. Now it’s 2020 and the best we can do is toss a Hopkins/Pryce one-two punch at a slightly simplistic screenplay and hope that it bridges the unfathomable gap between this church and its alienated people. No, obviously this film doesn’t, nor could it possibly, reconcile the church and it’s long history of perpetuating its own SUPER corrosive behind-closed-doors/closed-feedback loop mischief, but if this film can contribute to or help further the conversation here - GREAT. Then this little bit of art has done its job.

Have I said too much.