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  • Deathrow Gameshow

    Deathrow Gameshow


    This movie could have been so much more. It’s great but it’s like they ran out of gags. The movie has a great premise.

  • Fangboner



    I can’t lie this movie had me laughing out loud at several scenes. The acting from the girls is really bad but I enjoyed their characters. The gore is really good for independent unfortunately the quality control here was not up to par, a lot of shots with peoples reflections and different errors. A fun movie regardless.

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  • Where the Dead Go to Die

    Where the Dead Go to Die


    A haunting and very disturbing descent into hell. The plot is either completely in outer space gone or I’m too dumb to pick up on it. It’s the closes I ever want to get to hell. I felt dirty watching it.

  • Mad Max

    Mad Max


    What can I say about Mad Max, one of my favorite movies of all time? The opening 10 minutes I feel are the best opening 10 minutes of any film ever made. This movie gets right to the point, no bullshit. The car chases are real and it makes a load of difference, it’s just a bunch of car nuts and motorcycle nuts out risking their lives for this movie to be the best, and it is the best. It’s…