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  • Dogma



    This is a great film if nothing else for who everyone has become, with Ben Afleck and Matt Damon ad angels, with the late and great Alan Rickman as the voice of God and Alanis Morissette as God the story for me become secondary to their performances and how I think of them.

    It has its problems but overall I find it very entertaining and while I think it is supposed to make you question belief I think it will…

  • Carry On Sergeant

    Carry On Sergeant


    The first Carry On film and you can see a lot of the recurring cast but what is interesting is that most of them have not yet found their role within the series.

    Not my favourite and the comedy is not as bawdy or as slapstick but a nice story, even if it is a bit silly in the end.

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  • Bates Motel

    Bates Motel


    Clearly a TV pilot that they hoped would be a monster of the week come and see what happens when you check in at the Bates Motel. Now the copy I saw was a shocking TV scan on youtube and that did not help it. But still there was so much set up and about 80 minutes in you get the first "weekly" story and it feels like it comes out of nowhere. Now it comes from a really random…

  • Memento



    So it Ends then it starts and in the middle is this film that you think you know what is happening and you wonder why people are so in love with it and then you get to 15 minutes out and realise what you know is not what what you know and BOOOM!!! it hits you... where was I?