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  • Hex



    A slow moving film it is, but Hex overcomes this ultimately offering a beautiful and haunting experience for those with patience and attentiveness.

    During the English Civil War two soldiers from opposite sides find themselves alone in the woods against each other. As one is older and thus more experienced things are not equal among them, but the elder soldier underestimates the others survival instinct in what leads to a cat and mouse game during which they discover they are…

  • Anderson Bench

    Anderson Bench


    Stuck in a dead end life, constantly berated at work and at home, Anderson Bench's life takes a u-turn on the road to nowhere when he meets Bethany, a new girl in town...with homicidal tendencies.

    In a decidedly different light than one would normally see John Schneider comes a mix of splatter movie and black comedy infused with a rich and continuous soundtrack of R&B, Country Western, Synth and an Italian Western theme.

    Anderson Bench is a blood drenched, hedonistic…

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  • A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol


    A beautifully animated film that is fairly faithful to the original novel, but it is a very dark, somber and even horrifying presentation. That is fine if you're doing a Tales from the Crypt episode, but this is a Disney animated film and somewhere along the way Disney forgot who they are and who their audience is. This would be great for adults who don't mind the lack of humor, but for children (you know, Disney, like your target audience) this is not something I would recommend unless I'm looking to scare the hell out of them.