Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

This feels like one of those films I'll revisit again and again.
Gallo does it again for the first time i guess. This one was certainly more tender and warm, but had its sadder moments as well. I almost feel as though Layla was like the audience, she sees Billy as a flawed yet highly interesting character, and genuinely wants to know more about him. Billy is a multi-faceted and cleverly written character if there ever was one. I absolutely loved the exploration of parental relationships, masculinity, interpersonal relationships, and music. I don't want to give much more away than that ;) There were quite a few shots and shot sequences that were brilliant. The dinner table shots that revolved around who was talking was fantastic, and I'm wondering if Hereditary took any influence from this. Gallo and Ricci did fantastic jobs portraying each of their subtle characters.
Not much more I'd like to say about this one. A film rich with emotion, interesting and clever edits, as well as deeply interesting characters and a plot that keeps everything moving at a wonderful pace. I do have a few issues with some of the presentation towards the end (you'll know it when you see it), and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the bizarre music choices and sequences, but I do love this film quite a bit. Not as much as Brown Bunny though!

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