Midsommar ★★½

spent the early morning of my 2019 fourth of july watching this absolutely traumatizing horror film. a couple came in with slushees, twizzlers, and a giant popcorn tub. they packed up and left in the first 10 minutes. it was brutal. i’ve never heard such audible gasps in a movie theater before. laughing, panting, awe, and gasping all in the same movie. it was beautiful and dark and twisted. no spoilers: but by the end of the cliff scene i didn’t think i’d ever be able to watch this movie again. by the end of the movie, i’d love to watch it again...but maybe not for a while. i have never seen such an accurate visual representation of heartache, grief, escapism, and romantic dissolution in my life. who knew that despite all of the rom coms we’ve been giving, it would take a swedish cult with sledgehammers to really represent the pain of 21st century american love. i’m here for it!

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