Suspiria ★★★★★

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still so perfect in so many ways! i want to take a moment to talk about a topic near to my heart as it pertains to this film: style versus substance. this is a film that has a very solid and interesting plot in my opinion. however, it isn’t asking some deep metaphysical questions or exploring the existential nature of human existence. it’s simply a supernatural thriller with a tinge of giallo from a director who prior to this film had made his mark by shooting the best of the best spaghetti slasher films in all of italy. does it have substance? as much as the next thinly plotted atmospheric horror film. but where it really excels is in its style. this film almost exists in its own aesthetic category. it has the kind of vibrant color palette that you’d imagine seeing in a stained glass window on a sunny day. the lighting and set design elevate this color scheme to a place that nearly assaults your eyes. it’s so arresting to look at the spectrum of color present in any given scene. in fact, my newborn who is beginning to enjoy looking at high contrast colors was mesmerized by this film. and this incredibly unique style is what gives the film its substance. in my opinion, style isn’t just on pare with substance, but style is substance. if you consider why a film was made, can it not simply be for the beauty of assembling stunning images? i think some of the best art is made simply for the reason that it is beautiful, and its visual appeal is justification enough for its existence. that is not to say that suspiria has no substance to it, because at its heart lies a very intriguing mystery about witchcraft with an incredibly eerie atmosphere. the way that color carries meaning and how whispers are used to establish a mood are technical feats to be applauded. the soundtrack is universally beloved. goblin really helped to establish the atmosphere with their incredible score. all of that said, i do understand those who feel differently about this film. but to me this film is amazing. and one of my all time favorites (in genre and otherwise). 

*watched the international english dub (the italian with english subs is better)*
*watched the 4K restoration*

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