Xanadu ★★★★★

My city, along with dozens of others, is currently on fire and the world is the trashcan with the lit cigarette on a stack of newspapers that it’s happening in. So naturally, I needed a “get fucked up and zone out” movie, and holy shit this couldn’t have been more perfect. This movie is immaculate, in fact, it’s a gift from God! This just replenished every drop of joy and peace of mind that this current state of white supremacist bullshit authority forcing its power on black bodies has taken away from me this week. Xanadu got deep down in my soul and hugged it and kissed it and whispered promises of utopia to it. I adored every shocking, outrageous, and questionable thing this movie does and I can’t wait to watch it again.

It’s rare to make a movie this perfect. To do so, your work has to project confidence and sincerity. There has to be imagination and not a single shred of doubt that what you’re doing could be deemed “bad” by anyone. You can’t even fathom the thought that someone will ask you why you chose to have an animated sequence in the middle of your film. There has to be no doubt that the actors you’ve chosen are the right fit for their roles. A creator has to be so in-tune with the art scene of their very specific era and moment in time to know that it needs to be captured on film to live on forever, and that it’ll timelessly speak for itself to future generations. You have to be convinced that passing fads are so important that you need to make them crucial elements of your narrative. It’s fucking brilliant and it’s how you create a modern day fucking treasure.

I love this movie. I love Michael Beck’s dead eyes and golden smile. I love Olivia Newton John’s ingenue meets sex kitten with perfect hair. I loved Gene Kelly being in a completely different film. I loved that piano guy during the '40s/'80s battle who kept switching between the mini-keyboard and that wild ass organ. I love the technology used in this movie and the Venetian blind transitions. I loved that the lighting was so soft, I instinctively wiped my glasses. This was wonderful.

Let go, let God, let Xanadu!

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