Upgrade ★★★★

🍅 88%

“Grey, a technophobe, suffers paralysis and loses his wife during an attack. But when a billionaire hands him a chip in his body that restores his mobility, he sets out to get vengeance.”

This was a terrific film and a surprise for me. I’ve been meaning to see this and have seen this advertised on NowTv: Sky Cinema got a while but it leaves in 8 Days so I thought I would check it out and I wasn’t disappointed.  

Logan Marshall-Green is Terrific in the lead role and I had only seen him in Prometheus. He plays a guy who gets Quadriplegic from a car accident & brutal mugging. His wife gets killed also. He then gets a computer chip that lets him have full control of his body and thirst for revenge. The supporting cast is strong to which includes Betty Gabriel & Harrison Gilbertson. 

The cinematography is brilliant especially in certain scenes and the kills are brutal. The story is good and the twist at the end is good. The runtime isn’t a problem (1h 35m). Nothing drags and it gets strait to the point quickly. The music for certain scenes are good and picked wisely. 

2018 - Best to Worst 

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