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  • World on a Wire

    World on a Wire


    Somehow shocking that of all things German Televison did in the early seventies what became popular about 30 years later in cinema.

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

    To Kill a Mockingbird


    Very slow movie. I liked it.

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  • Interstellar




  • Drive



    Great interesting and exiting first 40 minutes. Great starting scenes. Then during that first part always arguing with myself if Goslings non emotional plastic face represents it’s portraing character perfectly or is simply Gosling. I tend to believe in the first. So that was fun and I was impressed when he smiled. So I would give that first part 4 Stars.

    But then sadly the whole thing lost me completely as it turns into that boring Mafia like shallow yada yada violence porn killing spree thingie I had next door to zero interest in. 0,5 Stars for that part.