Mirror ★★★★★

I just realized I’ve been on Letterboxd for a year now and in that time I discovered some great films that I never would’ve heard of without this website. To the few people who might read this, thanks for hearing what I have to say about movies so I’m not just talking to myself. On to Mirror.

The power that Andrei Tarkovsky has over me is unmatched by any other artist. Though I’ve only seen four of his films, each one has been perfect in every right and deeply affected me.

The Mirror at first glance comes off as confusing and incoherent, but upon another look, you realize that it’s supposed to be. This semi-autobiographical film is supposed to represent the stream of consciousness as it jumps back and forth through memories and dreams, and across time periods. The Mirror is a collection of thoughts all coming from our main character. It gets especially confusing when you realize that the same actors play multiple characters and the distinction is never apparent unless you realize this fact. But besides all that, The Mirror is loaded with technical achievements that make it hard to not enjoy.

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