This Means War ★★★★

I am going to admit I never pay money to see romantic comedies, but this movie had 3 people I happen to enjoy watching. Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Chelsea Handler. That said yes, this movie has plenty wrong with it from a sketchy script. To an ending that wasn't needed. To be fair I did enjoy this more than I thought I would laughed a lot and who doesn't enjoy watching Tom Hardy punch someone or attack small children with paint ball grenades? I did. Chelsea Handler has some of the funniest dialogue and I know some of her stuff was cut to keep the rating down. which sucks cause I could listen to her potty mouth all day. The one thing bothered me the most was the ending and how things unfolded there is just one tiny moment where Chris Pine's character tells Tom Hardy's character one detail about his past that I wish wasn't there I felt it cheapened their "bromance" if you will. All in all this movie was just pure for fun and entertainment not a whole lot of thinking needed is to see this one.