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  • Godzilla vs. Hedorah
  • Resident Evil: Retribution
  • Ran
  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

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  • One Cut of the Dead


  • West Side Story


  • The Bad Guys


  • The Core


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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    Going to annoyingly echo everyone who told me to watch this without knowing anything about it and thus provide zero useful information. If the idea of celebrating the amateur-hour joy of low-budget filmmaking appeals to you literally at all, just watch the damn thing. It's really short and really good.

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    The results here feel deeply inconclusive. Spielberg is a born director of musicals, for sure, but not necessarily of this musical. For one, there's a lot of movie where people aren't actually singing or dancing, and Spielberg seems pretty checked out whenever there are no bodies in movement to find perfect ways to frame. The result is a film that roars to life but only ever in fits and starts.

    It doesn't help matters that Spielberg is let down by…

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  • Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1: Reunion

    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1: Reunion


    It's important to remember that, however "for the fans" this reunion is, it's still ultimately made for children to sell them toys. Watching it for nostalgic reasons requires grading on a cur

    actually you know what i'm just covering my ass im gay and digimon got me fucked up

  • Birdboy



    It fucking sucks that this short's script makes so many bad decisions in just 13 minutes, because the visuals are just about one-of-a-kind. They are strong enough, all by themselves, to support the entire thing as a pure audiovisual sensory experience. That the scenario not only fails to enrich those visuals and add additional meaning, but actively degrades them by shackling them to the most boring possible kind of Edgy Cartoon boilerplate is an absolute tragedy.