A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor ★★★★

A Simple Favour pleasantly surprised me. I'm a fan of Paul Feig's work so I was cautiously optimistic to see if he can handle a film that is a drastic departure from his previous movies and he does exactly that. Everything from the plot to the set design and costuming were great.

It's pretty damn refreshing to see Anna Kendrick in something good for a change. I was getting a little worried with her film choices. But it's Blake Lively who steals the show in a role that is very reminiscent of Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl. Side note: Is 2018 going to be Henry Golding's breakout year? Because between this and Crazy Rich Asians, we may have a new A-Lister on our hands.

While it didn't take as many risks as Fincher did with Gone Girl, Paul Feig manages to create on of his best films to date and I hope to see him to more stuff like this.

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