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  • La La Land

    La La Land



    Relentlessly artificial and horribly written (the story beats are so predictable - time for an argument, time for a crisis of confidence, time for a win! - and the mawkish finale completely unearned thanks to the cheap jump in time that completely glosses over who did what and thus lets the audience wallow in a hollow melancholy without having to question either of the main characters' decisions), this is basically saved by the relentlessly energy of the two leads,…

  • Tower




    An interesting approach to a documentary about a tragedy, rotoscoping the memories and completely sidelining the identity of the man responsible for it all, Tower is able to generate a number of emotional moments as we see the victims wander into the unfolding nightmare and hear how it has changed their lives forever. This is valuable in itself, but the sole focus on the victims and the people in the range of the shooting and their present tense reaction…