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  • Wonder Valley

    Wonder Valley


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    Watching unappealing people argue, take drugs and suffer a psychotic breakdown for no particular reason, is of quite limited appeal. That's especially the case when the performances are no great shakes. Scharf perhaps comes off the best: while still a one-note portrayal, at least her character appears intended to be incredibly annoying. The odd thing is, the last five minutes, impenetrable though they certainly are, are perhaps the most intriguing the film has to offer.

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


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    I was particularly disappointed, having recently enjoyed thoroughly Wingard’s The Guest. I was curious to see what he could bring to the table for this. Unfortunately, his skills didn’t quite seem to translate to a big-budget behemoth like this, outside of an impressive facility for the mayhem. I was surprised to learn this actually runs a few minutes shorter than KotM, because there were points here at which I found myself checking my watch. If only they’d brought Mothra back, it might have significantly helped things. As is, this is loud, big, and almost entirely forgettable.

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  • Jesus Christ Saviour

    Jesus Christ Saviour


    Klaus Kinski vs. 5,000 annoyed hippies.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Delinquent School Girls

    Delinquent School Girls


    This 1975 grindhouse feature has three men locked up in an "asylem" [that's the spelling on the gate!] for the criminally insane. There's Carl (Pataki), a crap vaudeville entertainer driven mad after losing a booking; "Big Dick" Peters (Minor), a former baseball player with a history of indecent exposure; and a "latent homosexual" (Stucker), who really doesn't seem very latent at all. They escape from the lunatic asylum, and their route to escape eventually brings them to the Oxford Corrective…