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  • Car Cemetery

    Car Cemetery

    Completely flat “He’s Jesus” story made by a wannabe edgy theater kid, except it’s Fernando Arrabal and he’s got three much better films proceeding this. Woof.

  • Verotika


    According to Letterboxd, this is the 5,000th film I’ve seen.

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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    A lazy toxic asshole who batters children and despises the homeless desperately attempts to ascribe epochal meaning to his nostalgic obsessions after a girl paid attention to him without it ending in sex... or: 4chan The Movie. This feels like a scathing indictment whose messiness muddies the point (or perhaps IS the point). It doesn't all work but it's much more engaging than I expected.

  • Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

    Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed


    Peter Cushing plays Dr. Frankenstein as pure monster, an arrogant misogynist thief/ murderer/rapist in his best and most charismatically evil role at Hammer. As I work through these films I'm consistently stunned at Cushing's range and ability to transform the silliest lines into maniacal musings or deeply mournful monologues. Also loving the bizarre Hammer trend of ending a film seemingly a beat too early.