Ghost in the Shell 2.0

Don't mistake my 1 star as hate for the film itself, but I am just expressing my distaste for this re-release of this anime classic. They have for some reason decided to shoehorn new visual elements into this version. Among these changes is new color correction for the vast majority of the film. This orangish color scheme more closely resembles the 2nd movie, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. Kind of pointless, I vastly prefer the blue colors of the original release. And in a far more idiotic move they decided to recreate several animated sequences with 3D CGI counter parts. It takes you out of the moment when you see it suddenly switch from beautiful hand drawn 2D animation to CG. They are somewhat pretty, but lifeless. But as this is the only way to get Ghost in the Shell 1 on Bluray officially in the US, this isn't unwatchable; it's just unnecessary. Stick with the original release.