Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

David Fincher has crafted a suspenseful masterpiece that is emotionally provocative and extremely layered with dynamic characters and their even more extreme intentions and motivations. Upon first watch I noticed a load of commentary on what a marriage is in this day and age and also the effect the media has on situations such as murders and kidnappings. It's hard to talk in length about the plot without spoiling things. It's a complicated story that hinges on Ben Affleck's and Roamund Pike's brilliant and complex performances. Everything seems to be skewed in this film. Looked at from a crooked angle and it keeps the viewer guessing and the more we guess, the more invested we become in this incredible, mysterious film. Gone Girl works on every level. It's one of David Fincher's best films in an already crowded filmography of cinematic gems.

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