The Thing ★★★½

"Nobody trusts anybody now, and we're all very tired."

John Carpenter's The Thing is a deeply terrifying examination of the consequences of isolation and disconnection. Much as the setting of outer space does for 1979's Alien, the film's Antarctic setting wastes no time giving us a sense of just how broad the vast emptiness is that separates the main characters from the rest of humanity, and this serves to make the eventual proceedings all the more chilling. Although I had some issues with the film's pacing, most of the other aspects shone, especially any of the sequences depicting another attack from the Thing. The practical effects work here is completely flawless, attaining levels of pure disgusting horror that puts most of today's CGI-rendered monsters to shame. The score is also impressive in its restrained but affecting execution: that gentle, repeated thudding, when lurking behind the curtain of a scene, builds tension while declining to draw attention to itself. All in all, this is a highly entertaining film, and one I could see myself... um... warming up to, upon another watch.

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