The Amazing Spider-Man ★★★½

Not perfect in any way but many things going for it also, For starters i like Garfields "Peter Parker" over Maguires, and has a better origin story with possibly further things to come to forefront concerning his past if sequels arise, the plot is muddled at times and things left unresolved although again possibly due to being set ups, so in a way this is definatly not a standalone film. While Rhys Ifans is a decent watch as Conners/The Lizard hes let down some what by his Lizard effects team and charactor design, it didnt grab me as it should, but there again at times action scenes involving him comes off well, Spiderman has great stuff to do, and overall a slighty darker overtone compared to Raimis vision. Garfield shows hes very suited to this world, it just needs more tightening up but overall far from a disapointment and it certainly is entertaining and i certainlly look forward to more.