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  • Green Room

    Green Room


    One of the most intense movies I've ever seen. Shitttt.... Kinda reminded me of the Punk version of Assault On Precinct 13 with some insanely brutal horror/exploitation movie violence thrown in. And being a huge fan of Punk/Hardcore I really appreciated all of the band references throughout. It's one of the few movies that gets Punk right. Great performances from everyone as well.

    Instant classic. Can't wait to see what Saulnier does next.


  • Starman



    Pretty cool Sci-Fi/road movie/ LOVE STORY?!!! :o The tender side of Carpenter that I've never seen! This was one of his movies I was pretty much ready to write off for whatever reason, but I'm glad I ended up giving it a chance. Karen Allen is at her peak in cuteness here... I could stare at her and that cute little butthole chin all day.

    Really dug that Rick Baker transformation scene near the beginning too. And Ted White (Jason from F13th part 4!) has a small role as the asshole deer hunter!