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  • The War Zone

    The War Zone

    The War Zone is Tim Roth's directional debut and is certainly a film that will split audiences.

    The film follows a family who have moved from London to a rural house in Devon. The family seems to be that of a normal one, but Tom discovers a disturbing secret between Dad and his sister. In all his teenager confusion and anger, Tom tries to deal with this burden, trying to unravel his families secrets.

    Almost like a companion piece to…

  • 'Bullitt': Steve McQueen's Commitment to Reality

    'Bullitt': Steve McQueen's Commitment to Reality

    My 600th Film on Letterboxd!

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  • Eastern Promises

    Eastern Promises

    Eastern Promises is a criminally underrated film which i personally think should be mentioned more when talking about crime/gangster films. Not only is it a great crime film, it is also a great character study.

    Cronenbergs vision of a grimy London is great, this isn't a glossy gangster film like Goodfellas or The Godfather. All of these locations are dirty and really add to the atmosphere of the film.

    All of the cast give good performances, but Viggo shines here.…

  • American History X

    American History X

    How to start this review...

    First of all, this is not a nice film. This film features some absolutely cringe inducing scenes of violence and rape. So dont go into this film expecting it to be a fun affair...

    Anyway, this is my personal story with the film. I watched it a year ago and just thought it was a good drama film. Sure, it affected me emotionally and was quite a big punch in the gut, but i felt…