Intimidad ★★★★★

I have seen an awfull lot of border issue documentary's because it is an area of special interest for me. I would have no problem putting this one near the top of the list. I think the most poignant aspect of the film is while sitting in her house made of cast off crating material with a dirt floor and no running water or electricity the mother says she is very happy with what she and her husband have managed to scrape out of life. Thanks to NAFTA the "American Dream" no longer exist's and I have no problem with that when I see people like these. The only issue I had with the film is how it glossed over the working conditions they are forced to endure. I don't fault the film maker for this I have no doubt they were carefull to not jeopardize the family's livelyhood by turning this into some kind of corporations abusing the poor pheasants docudrama. What they have managed to do is create a very moving portrait of a young family willing to go to any lengths to build a life for themselves and their young daughter, for this I commend them. This film will stay with you for a very long time and will no doubt stand up to repeated viewings. ENJOY!