Bite the Bullet

I watched this film as part of my continuing study of Westerns to prepare to make 12 Westerns in 12 Months during 2020.

This is the second time I've seen Bite the Bullet and this time the viewing took place at my recent film festival, Men of the West in Vicksburg.

I programmed the film to honor the memory of Jan-Michael Vincent who is quite good in the film.

I won't dive into a deep review of the film. Here are a few thoughts I had while watching it again:

1. Richard Brooks does a great job of capturing the energetic, wild atmosphere of the race.

2. I loved the trick shot with the combination of slow motion riding and regular motion riding.

3. The film feels rushed near the end and gets a little silly from the twist with Candice and onward.

4. The biggest mistake in the movie is one casting choice: the rider who has the champion horse. Because this person is not a well-known movie star like the others, it's immediately evident that he is no competition for the other riders. This decision totally removes any tension that he might win the race and spoils the suspense.

Seen at the Strand Theatre in Vicksburg.