The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

1970s RANKED
It’s really hard to do a write up on a film this good because everything about it is just perfect, but I’ll try anyways. After watching The Godfather last weekend, I was very excited to check out the 2nd one because the first was a masterpiece and a lot of people thought the 2nd was even better. So wow I saw it last night and it was just phenomenal. It’s still kind of a coin toss on which movie I prefer, but I think I have to give it to the 2nd one just because of what it accomplished. This is easily one of the most ambitious movies of all time. Coppola decided to follow up his masterpiece with a movie that is not only a sequel, but a prequel also. I think the transitions between past and future were flawless, and so was all of the storytelling. It was so interesting getting to learn about the rise of Vito Corleone, and I thought Robert DeNiro played him flawlessly. The way he replicated Brando’s voice was pretty damn impressive, also it was really cool how they spoke Italian for the entire time. It was also great getting to learn about Michael Corleone, and how his methods differed from Vito’s. It’s a really good contrast going back and forth between the two since they have similarities yet are so different. Pacino gives what I believe is one of the greatest performances of all time, even though his character is so harsh and unlikeable. This one is slightly more confusing than the first one sinc there is so much going on, but I think I had a full grasp of it once it all came together. I also loved how much they referenced certain characters and events from the first film so it really felt like a complete story. Also this and the first movie both had incredible endings, Coppola did a great job with that. He also has amazing direction here and the script is amazing. Also the score fits the movie so well it was perfect. So overall there’s probably a lot I missed, but just know I thought everything about this 3 hour 22 minute epic masterpiece was perfect. 

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