Batman ★★★★★

Batman has always been my "sick" movie. I can remember bundling up in sheets on the couch, trying to make myself eat chicken noodle soup while watching the VHS I got for my 11th birthday. I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted that was beneath the gum line, so it was all kinds of invasive and while the extraction itself was not that difficult, I began to feel miserable within an hour.

I got the iTunes Digital Copy of the movie when I bought it on Blu-ray a few years ago, and I decided since I really just wanted to lie down that I'd rather be in bed. The solution was to play the iPod on the iHome. What did I care that the screen was so tiny? I wasn't going to actively be watching much anyway. I really just needed to hear it, and that worked well.

Sometimes I catch different things about the movie and this time, I decided that there are some scenes in the middle section that ought to have been sequenced differently. For instance, the shot of The Joker telling his scientist to ship all the Smylex products should come earlier than right before the newscast announcement of Smylex poisonings. There's no build-up, wondering what was in the canisters. Similarly, there ought to have been some more space between The Joker sending Bob the Goon to follow Vicki Vale, and him actually doing it. There are some Bruce/Vicki scenes that could have been used to break up these things, and that also would have helped that subplot.

Still, no matter what I may ever perceive or learn about Batman, it will remain my favorite and the one that has meant the most to me over the years. It saved my life, after all.

I'm not bothering to re-rank Batman on my Flickchart. It beats everything.