Boo ★★

Boo is interesting more as an antecedent of YouTube than it is anything else, aside from its curious use of footage from Nosferatu instead of Universal's own Dracula. If I was Bela Lugosi, I'd have been furious about that. The narration is endearingly hokey, but also wears thin. 9:29 is simply too long for this shtick to go on without anything more to it. Though it was particularly entertaining to hear not one, but two digs at Congressional dysfunction on this, the fifteenth day of the Tea Party shutdown.

"And the moral of this story is, you can milk a cow, but a lobster is very ticklish."

Boo Re-Ranked on My Flickchart (#694/1584)

Boo < Secret Honor --> #793
Boo would have been much funnier if Philip Baker Hall had narrated it in character as President Nixon.

Boo > Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24 ½th Century --> #793
I'd pick the original Duck Dodgers short over both, but between its sequel and the Universal Monsters mash-up, I'm going with the latter.

Boo < Army of Darkness --> #991
In general, Universal Monsters > Evil Dead for me, but in this case I'll make an exception. Ash bests the mash-up.

Boo > Semi-Pro --> #991
I'm not in love with either of these, but I just can't recall having responded particularly well at all to any part of Semi-Pro. That costs it here.

Boo < Princess of Mars --> #1041
Boo is amusing enough, but even though Princess of Mars is, uh, weak (I'm being generous), at least it tried to give us a Barsoom screen adventure. I can get behind that enough to pick it here.

Boo < Paranormal Activity 2 --> #1065
The PA franchise may have jumped the shark, but the first sequel was decent enough, and I was very impressed by Molly Ephraim as Katie's niece. Boo is amusing, but forgettable.

Boo > The Pallbearer --> #1065
The best thing about Boo is that it isn't The Pallbearer.

Boo > The Cowboy and the Lady --> #1065
The Cowboy and the Lady is one of those entirely neutral films; nothing really wrong with it, but nothing really great about it, either. Boo is at least something of a novelty. It wins.

Boo > The Ghost of Frankenstein --> #1065
Universal Monsters showdown! This is an easy win for Boo. At least it meant to make light of the franchise.

Boo < Beer for My Horses --> #1067
I'd pick the original "Beer for My Horses" music video over both of these, but I guess its feature film incarnation has enough right about it to squeak past the overlong mash-up short.

Boo was re-ranked on my Flickchart to #1067/1584