Bull Durham ★★★★★

Bull Durham is probably the most important baseball movie yet made. It's the one movie that pros consistently vouch for as authentic, and unlike most other baseball movies, it's actually really solid as a movie. There's a short list of movies I've fallen in love with, and this is on that list. No matter how many times I've seen it, it still cracks me up. But what makes it so brilliant isn't the humor; it's the character arcs of Crash and Nuke. We root for both guys, and it's antithetical to movie conventions that the two wind up in such very different places instead of together.

Audio Commentary by Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins

The chemistry between Costner and Robbins is just about as entertaining in this commentary as it is in the movie, or least, it is until about the last half hour when they kinda get caught up watching the movie and forgetting to talk. They have a lot of fun ribbing each other for all kinds of things, from how young they were at the time to Robbins's discomfort at Costner's sex scene with Susan Sarandon (then, of course, Robbins's wife).

Costner's recollection of the production is nearly encyclopedic. Whether recalling how certain things came out of the screenplay or were cut from the movie, he manages to do something uncommon in commentary remarks: his anecdotes actually focus on the story, rather than just a laundry list of who was "so great to work with". Near the end, for instance, Costner recounts a story about Mickey Mantle reacting to the film, calling it sad rather than funny. It's a terrific story, and one that gives some perspective.

Bull Durham Re-Ranked on My Flickchart (#218/1597)

Bull Durham > The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad --> #218
Bull Durham > Summertime --> #218
Bull Durham > Son of Frankenstein --> #200
Bull Durham > Toy Story 2 --> #100
Bull Durham > The Lion King --> #50
Bull Durham < Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country --> #50
Bull Durham < Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves --> #50
Bull Durham > U-571 --> #42
Bull Durham < Skyfall --> #42
Bull Durham > O Brother, Where Art Thou? --> #40

Bull Durham was re-ranked on my Flickchart to #40/1597