Cutlass ★★★★

Cutlass is one of several short films produced by Glamour Magazine. Each short was inspired by stories shared by Glamour readers, and each short was directed by a woman. Most, if not all, were actors stepping behind the camera for the first time.

Cutlass was helmed by Kate Hudson. It's a parallel coming-of-age story of a woman, Robin (Virginia Madsen) whose daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning) wants to buy a pricey guitar. She balks at the price, but then recalls being a young woman herself wanting to buy her first car and the way her dad (Hudson's father, Kurt Russell) handled that situation.

If Cutlass had been a feature film, it would have been entirely too saccharin for my taste. It would have necessitated a lot of extraneous filler and additional subplots. It is, however, perfect as a short film. It's predictable as could be, of course, but that's part of the charm. Moreover, Kristen Stewart appears awake and actually animated as the young Robin. Who knew?!

Cutlass Re-Ranked on My Flickchart (#1008/1496)

Cutlass > House of Dracula --> #748
House of Dracula may have been when the Universal Monsters pictures jumped the shark, if they hadn't already. Still fun, but not as endearing as the coming-of-age short, Cutlass.

Cutlass > The Monday Before Thanksgiving --> #374
Glamour Reel Moments Showdown! I enjoyed both of these quite a bit, but I think I give the edge to Cutlass and its coming-of-age stories.

Cutlass < The Thief of Bagdad --> #374
As impressive as it is to see Kristen Stewart actually awake and lively, even if only in a short film, The Thief of Bagdad is sheer spectacle...and lots of fun.

Cutlass < Never Say Never Again --> #374
I know I'm in the minority, but I actually liked Never Say Never Again. I enjoyed Cutlass, but Connery's knowing performance in NSNA is just too interesting.

Cutlass < Silver City --> #374
I'm a sucker for short films and nicely told coming-of-age films, so I'm partial to Cutlass...but I'm also a political wonk and I love Maria Bello so Silver City gets the nod.

Cutlass > Win Win --> #350
I was very impressed by Alex Shaffer's performance in Win Win, but there's something about Cutlass that resonated more with me. The short film gets the nod.

Cutlass < The Anderson Tapes --> #350
Cutlass is likable, endearing coming-of-age short film, but The Anderson Tapes is a compelling caper film driven by a terrific performance by Sean Connery.

Cutlass < Nurse Betty --> #350
Story-wise, I probably prefer Cutlass but Morgan Freeman's disarming hit man is so charismatic that it puts Nurse Betty over the top.

Cutlass < Night of the Living Dead (1968) --> #350
Oddly enough, Cutlass is the only screen evidence to date that Kristen Stewart isn't a zombie. I dig the short film, but not more than Romero's iconic classic.

Cutlass < Nacho Libre --> #350
I really liked Cutlass; its cast, its premise and its story...but Nacho Libre has some kind of weird hold on me. Jack Black wins this one.

Cutlass > Die Hard 2 --> #349
I almost went with Die Hard 2, but the truth is I don't remember it all that well and what I do remember is that it didn't have Alan Rickman. That costs it against the likable Cutlass.

Cutlass was re-ranked on my Flickchart to #349/1496