Fishing with John ★★★

Montauk with Jim Jarmusch

I have never liked fishing. Fishing shows are even more dreadful to me than fishing itself, and I've had to sit through some over the years because my brother enjoys them. I decided to check out this short-lived TV series because 1) it qualifies for the DVD Talk Criterion Challenge (yes, there really is a Criterion Collection DVD release of this show!), 2) it's streaming via HuluPlus and 3) I figured the run time (just under half an hour per episode) means I can break this up and get to it when I want to take a break from feature length films. That it's a farce of a fishing show also inclined me toward it.

This first episode, "Montauk with Jim Jarmusch," set a nice tone. John Lurie and Jim Jarmusch have nice chemistry, being real life friends and all, and Robb Webb's narration is spot-on: he sounds like a fishing show narrator, but what he actually says is fairly absurd. I confess, I didn't think they were actually trying to catch a shark at first. But then, sure enough, there they were with one in the very end.

My brother and nephew (not my brother's son) would both get a kick out of this, I suspect. The next time Barnes & Noble run their 50% off sale on Criterion titles, I may have to scope it out for their Christmas gifts.