Frozen Fever ★★★★

Everything that made Frozen charming and enjoyable has continued into this short. The relationship between Elsa and Anna is what made that film special, so it's nice to see that be the focus here. The comedy, rooted in old school "Did I hear that right?" moments, never lets up, and the song, "Making Today a Perfect Day", is delightful, so there's that.

My only real qualm with Frozen Fever is that it expects the viewer to know who these characters are, and how they relate to one another. It's a reasonable assumption for Disney to make presently, but one wonders how accessible it will feel later. And, really, this only even crosses my mind or bothers me at all because I've discussed and debated for so long the nature of episodic film-making. (I'm okay with ongoing continuities, but I also favor standalone works rather than serialized segments.)

For me, though, the big thing about seeing Frozen Fever is that I had passes to a preview screening of Cinderella and was able to attend with a dear friend I haven't gotten to catch up with in person nearly often enough. I adore her, and it felt really nice to laugh along with her for eight minutes.

How Frozen Fever Entered My Flickchart

Frozen Fever < MGM: When the Lion Roars → #1668
Frozen Fever > Failure to Launch → #1257
Frozen Fever > Joan of Arc (1999) → #1048
Frozen Fever > Footloose (1984) → #943
Frozen Fever > Idiocracy → #890
Frozen Fever > The Hurricane → #864
Frozen Fever > Nacho Libre → #851
Frozen Fever > Kris [Crisis] → #845
Frozen Fever > Kronk's New Groove → #841
Frozen Fever > Jurassic Park III → #840
Frozen Fever < A Christmas Carol (2009) → #840

Frozen Fever entered my Flickchart at #840/1676