GoldenEye ★★★★½

Pretty much everything I really have to say about GoldenEye, I already said in my diary remarks upon my most recent viewing, so I'm at a bit of a loss to add anything now. One thing that stood out to me was how vividly several of the action sequences called to mind the iconic N64 game based on the movie. They did a bang-up job recreating the movie's sets and sound effects.

One of the chief complaints of GoldenEye has always been Eric Serra's techno-score. I wasn't a fan of it myself in 1995, but it's grown on me quite a bit over the last 19 years. It's not a musical aesthetic I normally dig, and I don't think it's something I'd like to see return to the Bond series, but I do feel it suits this specific film nicely.

My final observation: We've always talked about how Presidents age while in office, but being "M" did a lot to Dame Judi Dench, didn't it? I forget until I sit back down with GoldenEye that her hair wasn't always white. I guess trying to handle 007 and Q will do that to you.

GoldenEye Re-Ranked on My Flickchart (#23/1652)

GoldenEye > Grumpier Old Men --> #23
GoldenEye > The Brave One --> #23
GoldenEye > Chicago --> #23
GoldenEye > Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith --> #23
GoldenEye > Paisa' --> #23
GoldenEye < Shaun of the Dead --> #27
GoldenEye > Dick Tracy --> #27
GoldenEye > Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol --> #27
GoldenEye < American Graffiti --> #29
GoldenEye < The Sting --> #30
GoldenEye < Pinocchio --> #31

GoldenEye was re-ranked on my Flickchart to #31/1645

That re-ranking process was tough! In the end, what cost it some wins was my sense of how many set pieces there are in the film. Even during my first viewing, the night it opened in '95, I had a hard time staying invested at times - especially that entire tank sequence in St. Petersburg.