Gridlock ★★★★½

My friends hosted a backyard movie night, and I selected a few things on YouTube to play as our pre-show programming. I went with Fait d'Hiver, which I first saw in February. I prefaced it to my friends by noting that it was a foreign language short, and that I thought it was twisted enough to go over well with our group.

They were all wondering just what was wrong with me and why I had picked this, of all the short films available through the whole Internet, to show them. I tried hard to avoid sneaking a peek at their faces throughout, but I had to turn and look at the moment of the big reveal at the very end. Priceless. It turns out, I know my friends all quite well because they all laughed in spite of themselves.

I felt this short played more quickly tonight than it did when I first watched it a few months ago. I'm sure part of it is because I knew the plot twist this time, and that I was more focused on how my friends would react to it than I was invested in the short itself, but it just didn't feel like it took its time to me the way it did in February.

Gridlock Re-Ranked on My Flickchart (#308/1515)

Gridlock > Carrie (1976) --> #308
Both films appeal to my darker side, but I have to say that Gridlock was a bit more satisfying for me than was Carrie.

Gridlock < Get Him to the Greek --> #380
Both of these appeal to me for providing me with "OMG, I can't believe they just went there!" moments, and Get Him to the Greek offers more of them. It's as simple as that.

Gridlock > Father of the Bride, Part II --> #380
Father of the Bride, Part II isn't bad as superfluous sequels go, but it doesn't really justify its own existence. Going with Gridlock for inducing mouth-covering laughter.

Gridlock < X-Men: First Class --> #475
I got a kick out of Gridlock and I really enjoyed showing it to my friends, but X-Men: First Class has the distinction of being the only X-film to date that I actually, really liked.

Gridlock < Live and Let Die --> #521
Gridlock is taut and just about perfect. There are so many things about Live and Let Die that I dislike, but also so many that I love. There are enough of them that 007 gets the nod...barely.

Gridlock > Overboard --> #521
I love the chemistry between Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, and Overboard is a lot of fun, but its contrivances irk me just enough that I favor Gridlock here. As a short, it moves past its contrivances quickly.

Gridlock > Adventureland --> #521
I really liked the coming-of-age story of Adventureland and I give props to Greg Motolla for managing to shoot Kristen Stewart displaying some personality/consciousness, but I feel badly about how much I enjoyed Gridlock.

Gridlock > Marnie --> #521
What I love about Gridlock: Taut story, mounting tension, seriously dark sense of humor. What I love about Marnie: Connery & Hedren. Gridlock doesn't have awful rear projection driving sequences, so it wins.

Gridlock > Chase Me --> #521
My general rule is that Batman > No Batman, but it doesn't apply here. Chase Me is a bemusing little daydream, but Gridlock is a true "OMG I can't believe they went there!" experience. Loved it!

Gridlock > Kill Bill Vol. 1 --> #521
I enjoyed Kill Bill Vol. 1, but the truth is I'm not into martial arts movies so I wasn't as gaga over it as a lot of others. Going with Gridlock here for making me (almost) feel ashamed of how funny I think it is.

Gridlock > Canadian Bacon --> #521
I had to stop and think on this one. I've seen Gridlock twice in four months now; Canadian Bacon just once, 15+ years ago. Recency has its perks and Gridlock benefits here...barely.

Gridlock was re-ranked on my Flickchart to #521