I'll Wait for the Next One... ★★★½

OMG! I've always had problems with dating and now that I'm trying to put together a life in the wake of the collapse of my marriage, I'm back to facing them again. Watching this short, I was able to identify with it at first from the perspective of the guy addressing the train, then as the woman listening to him. It's brilliant, all taking place in the brief span between train stops, and setting up for one of the cleverest Lucy-pulling-away-the-football endings to a short film I've seen in quite a while.

How J'Attendrai le suivant... Entered My Flickchart

J'Attendrai le suivant... > All the President's Men --> #738
All the President's Men is a dramatization of one of the most compelling political scandals in American history and one of my own personal favorite topics, but somehow the film just didn't engage me all that well. The French short J'Attendrai le suivant... on the other hand, made me laugh in a way that made me feel bad for laughing. It gets the nod.

J'Attendrai le suivant... < The Fox and the Hound --> #738
J'Attendrai le suivant... is clever (though a trifle mean). Going with The Fox and the Hound here. It's proven some serious staying power.

J'Attendrai le suivant... < Batman: Gotham Knight --> #738
I enjoyed both of these, but generally speaking I have a Batman > No Batman rule of thumb and J'Attendrai le suivant... isn't strong enough to contradict that.

J'Attendrai le suivant... < Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone --> #738
J'Attendrai le suivant... is clever and the part of me that's struggled with dating over the years finds it scathingly brilliant, but I was too dazzled by the production design alone on the first HP movie for it to win here.

J'Attendrai le suivant... > Frantic --> #691
I kinda feel bad for how much I got into J'Attendrai le suivant... but I never got into Frantic at all. The short gets the nod here.

J'Attendrai le suivant... > Boo! --> #668
As much as I enjoy the old Universal Monsters films and the comedic mash-up of them in Boo!, I have to go with J'Attendrai le suivant... here. It was pitch perfect.

J'Attendrai le suivant... < Fahrenheit 9/11 --> #668
Michael Moore's documentary is polarizing, certainly, and even as a liberal I can find faults with some of its arguments and evidence. Still, there are some very important points raised that no one else in American journalism were going anywhere near in 2004 and it was important to see somebody speak up. On the basis of its importance at the time of its release, it gets the nod here.

J'Attendrai le suivant... > Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen --> #662
If it was just J'Attendai le suivant... vs. the forest battle, the forest battle would win. Unfortunately, that amazing fight scene is surrounded by more than two and a half very tedious hours. The short wins.

J'Attendrai le suivant... < Pretty Woman --> #662
I got a kick out of J'Attendrai le suivant... but Pretty Woman could win this based on nothing more than its soundtrack.

J'Attendrai le suivant... < Daredevil --> #662
I know I'm in the minority, but I liked Daredevil, particularly the director's cut. Yes, it could have been stronger but I always felt too many fans carried an anti-Bennifer bias into the theater with them. It's solid and gets the nod here.

J'Attendrai le suivant... < No Country for Old Men --> #662
No Country for Old Men is on my To Re-Watch list, but I was sufficiently impressed the first time through to give it the nod here.

J'Attendrai le suivant... entered my Flickchart at #662/1475

75th Academy Awards (2002)
(N) SHORT FILM (Live Action) -- Philippe Orreindy, Thomas Gaudin