Nashville Rebel ★★★

Whenever I've thought to look for a copy of this to rent, it's been unavailable and whenever I've thought to look for a copy of this to buy, it's been well beyond my limited budget for blind buys, thereby establishing the threshold for my Waylon fandom, I suppose. I was therefore exuberant when I discovered they have the Bear Family DVD release for rent at Wild and Wooly Video. I was staying a few nights with some friends (who happen to have a really nice a/v setup!) and even though they had no real interest in watching it with me, what matters is that I finally got to see it.

It was just as paper thin as I'd been given to understand, reminding me of Road to Nashville as little more than a flimsy pretext for music performances. That was fine with me, as in all honesty, I was only really watching to see Waylon. He acquitted himself nicely, I thought; certainly I can't fault him for the lazy story and empty characters. He held the screen just fine, though playing a character so close to himself surely helped.

I'd be lying if I said I loved Nashville Rebel or that having now seen it that I was more willing to fork over $40+ to own a copy of it. I'm likely content with this one-off viewing, though certainly if I come across a copy priced closer to my comfort zone, I'd love to have it in my library.

How Nashville Rebel Entered My Flickchart

Nashville Rebel > Analyze This --> #822
Nashville Rebel < Superman: Doomsday --> #822
Nashville Rebel > Just Buried --> #616
Nashville Rebel > Down with Love --> #514
Nashville Rebel > Morning Glory --> #462
Nashville Rebel < L.A. Confidential --> #462
Nashville Rebel < Brief Encounter --> #462
Nashville Rebel > M*A*S*H --> #455
Nashville Rebel < Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows --> #455
Nashville Rebel > Medicine Man --> #453

Nashville Rebel entered my Flickchart at #453/1644