Rushmore ★★★

In lieu of a standard Letterboxd diary entry for this film, I wrote a piece for Flickchart.

Rushmore Re-Ranked on My Flickchart (#1241/1569)

Rushmore < Moneyball --> #1241
I don't know if it's because Rushmore plays like a stereotypical adolescent male fantasy or if it's because I love baseball, but I'm going with Moneyball here.

Rushmore > Napoleon Dynamite --> #1177
Not big on either, but Rushmore features a fun performance by Bill Murray. It gets the nod.

Rushmore > The Shawshank Redemption --> #981
These are the respective all-time favorites of two of my friends...and I'm more or less "meh" on both. I like the ideas in The Shawshank Redemption, but Bill Murray is more interesting to watch. Rushmore gets the nod.

Rushmore < Green Lantern: First Flight --> #981
I know Wes Anderson fans are all gaga over Rushmore, but I'm much more into Green Lantern than Wes Anderson.

Rushmore < Road to Bali --> #981
I'll concede that Rushmore has the better music - and Bill Murray - but Road to Bali entertained me more.

Rushmore > The Big Tease --> #956
I really want to pick The Big Tease because I dig Craig Ferguson and I'm not big on Rushmore, but there's enough wrong with the former and enough right with the latter that Wes Anderson wins this one.

Rushmore > BURN-E --> #944
BURN-E cracked me up, but it's ultimately a glorified deleted scene montage. Going with Rushmore here. Max Fischer grates on my nerves as a character, but I love Bill Murray.

Rushmore < Aliens --> #944
I would love to see Max Fischer fixate on Ellen Ripley. She'd have put him in his place before the opening credits and I'd have been able to tolerate him.

Rushmore < The Wrestler --> #944
I'm not ready to commit to something as absolute as Aronofsky < Anderson, but it's definitely true for me here.

Rushmore > Garfield --> #942
I actually didn't think Garfield was all that bad and I have a soft spot for Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm not big on Rushmore, but I dig Bill Murray in it.

Rushmore was re-ranked on my Flickchart to #942/1569