Speedy Gonzales ★★

Speedy Gonzales, of course, has been a controversial character for quite some time. I'm not of Hispanic descent so I'm not as sensitive to the character as many are. I always liked the character for being so clever and witty, but I can also easily see how he would be construed as a slanderous character. That's especially prominent here, where Speedy is tasked with crossing the international border into the United States to steal cheese on behalf of all the other Mexican mice (who are far less flattering portrayals of Mexicans than Speedy is).

There's one truly great exchange in this short, even if it is told in mocking broken English:

"Speedy Gonzales is a friend of my sister."
"Speedy Gonzales [is a ] friend of everybody's sister!"

That's a great character introduction.

How Speedy Gonzales Entered My Flickchart

Speedy Gonzales < The Constant Gardener --> #1550
Speedy Gonzales < Fired Up! --> #1550
Speedy Gonzales > Super Mario Bros. --> #1364
Speedy Gonzales > Duck Soup --> #1267
Speedy Gonzales > Scooby-Doo (2002) --> #1218
Speedy Gonzales < Welcome to Mooseport --> #1218
Speedy Gonzales < Hideaway --> #1218
Speedy Gonzales > Black Dog --> #1211
Speedy Gonzales < Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer --> #1211
Speedy Gonzales > Soul Plane --> #1209

Speedy Gonzales entered my Flickchart quickly at #1209/1558