Star Trek Into Darkness ★★★★

I saw the midnight opening on Wednesday night, but my friends went to a Sunday matinee this afternoon and since I still had a remaining pass I decided to go back for a second viewing.

The pace seemed faster to me this time through, though whether that's because I had already seen it or because I was fresh out of bed instead of staying out/up late, I dunno.

All I really have to add to my previous remarks is that this time through, I was still annoyed by the clumsy Wrath of Khan plagiarism, but I felt like it played more as throwaway this time than the dominant scene it was Wednesday night.

Still, that scene bugs me so much that that alone costs this one an entire star for me. I'm glad that they got this out of the way, and I hope that the next film in this series gives us something truly new and original instead of a 2.0 interpretation of things we've already seen. They did a great job combining fun and social consciousness with this one, and if that balance is struck next time I'll be a very happy Trekker indeed.