The Circus ★★★

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I had just enough time to kill this afternoon before today's Reds game for a short movie and I decided that this would be an opportune time to finally get around to my first ever Charlie Chaplin film.

The story is pretty simple, and there's not much to say about it other than that the abuse of the circus owner/ringmaster - particularly of his stepdaughter, Merna - was rather distasteful. Of course, it was meant to be so that there's an antagonist in the story. I'd have rather seen him put in his place than for Merna to marry Rex and have her escape be dependent upon him, but it was a film from the 20s and what else is there to expect?

Also: I've been within ten feet of a lion at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. That lion took an active dislike of me, and its roar was far more powerful than comedies had led me to believe. I think about how that roar sounded and felt, and how chilling it was, every time I see such a critter in something like this.

How The Circus Entered My Flickchart
The Circus < Dracula: Dead and Loving It --> #1412
The Circus > Gone with the Wind --> #1067
The Circus < UHF --> #1067
The Circus > Blade Runner --> #978
The Circus < Welcome --> #978
The Circus > Eagle vs. Shark --> #955
The Circus < Home Alone --> #955
The Circus > DC Showcase: Green Arrow --> #949

The Circus entered my Flickchart at #949/1422